How to use vsantop


Vsantop is one of most useful tool to identify the performance related issues or collect the stats

Requirement-We should run vSAN 6.7 Update 3 or later version

Vsantop is like same as esxtop that we are using to identify host or vm related issues

How to use it

We need to enable SSH session to one of the node and type vsantop

By default  it will show stats relate to the domclient, but we can customize it

Example –

I need to collect latencywrite F

2.Enter the no 8 , same way we can remove the fields

3 Press Enter

Screen clipping taken: 7/10/2022 2:34 AM

Also we can change the entity by Pressing E. steps are almost same

By pressing h we can get the help by pressing h

To analyse the data the easiest way it to collect the information to csv file, you can refer to below example


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