vShere 6 lockdown mode

What is lockdown mode?

Normally we are using vcenter to manage multiple esx hosts. But if we required we can login to the esx host directly using vsphere client.Once we enabled lockdown mode, we cannot connect to the esx host using vsphere client.

When we trying to connect lockdown mode enabled esx, it will give below error message


In case of a vcenter unavailability, we can simply disable lockdown mode from the DCUI.

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How to use vSphere cli

vSphere cli is a command line interface, where we can use to run commands on esx hosts.This is an alternative option for putty.We can install vSphere cli on any server/desktop in your network.

Below are the steps

  1. Download vSphere cli from vmware.com


  1. Once you installed vSphere cli, you can browse the below path and run the commands. Most of the commands are written in activepearl scripting language.


  1. We can get help for all the commands using –help parameter.

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