Server 2012 Domain Controller Cloning


    Server 2012 active directory includes the new feature called domain controller cloning.Using this feature we can easily create domain controllers without installing os or running adds installation wizard.

    System Requirement of the domain controller cloning.

  • Virtualization platform which is supporting VMGID(Hyper-v 2012)
  • Windows Server 2012 operating system running as a Guest Domain Controller
  • PDC emulator on windows 2012
  • Forest Functional Level to be Windows Server 2003 or higher
  • Schema version- 56.

In my setup, I have only one dc.(testad)


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Server 2012 Active Directory some usefull powershell commands

In a server 2012 we can use powershell for get our works done easily.Im sharing some of them with this article.

1.Search inactive adaccounts with last login date

Search-ADAccount -AccountInactive|fl name,lastlogondate


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How to move fsmo roles using server 2012 active directory powershell module

With server 2008/2003 we have used ntdsutil or adds gui for manage the fsmo roles, now with server 2012 we can easily manage the fsmo roles using ad power shellpowershell module.


1.Using netdom query fsmo command we can find out the stored location of fsmo roles in adds(also this can be done with Get-ADDomain command also)



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