Hyper-V Replica Broker

    As we already know Hyper-V replication we can use as our DR software. Using this valuable free feature of Hyper-V we can replicate virtual machine/s from one Hyper-V host to different Hyper-V host/s. Standalone Hyper-V environment, it’s very easy configuration we have to enable Hyper-V replication and replicate the virtual machines. But in a cluster environment, we have to think about virtual machine placement. We cannot guaranteed that the specific virtual machine is host in specific host.( We can do that, but this is not a correct way in a cluster environment). Hyper-V cluster environment we have to configure Hyper-V replica broker for configure the Hyper-V replication.

    Steps for configure Replica Broker

  • Open failover cluster manager > Select Configure Role


  • Click on “Next”
  • clip_image002

  • Select “Hyper-V Replica Broker” > Click on “Next”

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How to recreating a missing virtual machine disk descriptor file

we need to recreate disk descriptor file when we missing that file or sometimes when we moved vm to the new location.In My case I got a this error.



I have logged using putty and I noticed that there is no vmdk file only the data file(flat) is available



What I can do now?

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