How to run esxcli commands through Powercli

ESXCLI commands we can use to retrieve information from ESX hosts or we can use to do some ESS configuration. Normally we can run this commds using SSH sessions which are directly connect to the ESX hosts. MOst of the time we are using Putty for that purpose.

Now we can easily use ESXCLI commands through powercli commands. We can refer the below steps for that.

1. Login to your vcenter or management server.

2. Open powercli and connect to the vcenter server using connect-viserver

3. Run Get-EsxCli  commands with required parameter

EX- We need to run esxcli commands on esx01.mobilab.local host

Get-ESXCli –VMhost esx01.mobilab.local


4. This will give the same output as esxcli


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