virtual tepe library for dpm 2010/2012

Firestreamer is a virtual tape library (VTL) that enables the existing tape backup software to access a wide range of non-tape storage media, making possible long-term and off-site retention of data without the need for tape drives.

Firestreamer allows you to:

  • Avoid or minimize investments in expensive physical tape hardware.
  • Reduce operational costs through increased automation of backups and restores.
  • Optimize utilization of your existing storage resources, such as disk arrays or NAS.
  • Save time with fast simultaneous backups and restores to and from multiple virtual tape drives.
  • Make your business more disaster resilient by saving your data to different types of media for off-site storage.
  • Improve the performance, compatibility and storage utilization of your current online and physical tape backups with intermediate backups to virtual tape.