Server 2012 switch between server core and gui

Windows Server 2012, now we can easily switch between server core and server gui.Its very help full for system administrators,they can do the initial configuration easily and uninstall the all gui components.

To remove gui components,we  have to open server manager and select remove roles and features,


First im going to remove server graphical shell


once you remove server graphical shell, you wont get all the start menu,controll panel and other gui stuffs,but you can open all the server management tools such as dsa.msc,dnsmgmt.msc,diskmgmt.msc,etc…3

To remove all the gui componenets we have to remove both graphical management tools and server graphical shell4

Now my server running with basic server core only,it doesnt have any gui components.Now im going to switch it back to full gui mode.Using Get-Windows Feature power shell i can get what are the available features in the server 2012.5

Here im adding server gui components from powershell.

Install-windowsFeature server-gui-shell -sources:wim:d:\sources\install.wim:4

(I have insert windows 2012 dvd in to d: drive and gave it as a parameter to the powershell command,because it need to get all the required binaries)




After the installation we can now access to the server manager.Using server manager, now we can add “server graphical shell” component to the server9