Configure Windows NFS for vmware esxi

When we are using ESXI,we can use SAN/NAS as our shared storage. But to share ISO files/ ovf files, there is a easier way. Otherwise we have to upload and download mentioned files from the ESXI.

Windows 2008/2012 have native feature for configure NFS. We can follow below steps for the configuration.


1. Create a folder( We can give any name)


2. Go to the server manager. Add Windows Roles and features and select “Server for NFS” 


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powercli script to extract hosts names in multiple esxi cluster/s

We can use this script to extract host details of the multiple clusters in one vmware datacenter. With this example im export required data to the text files


add-pssnapin vmware.vimautomation.core


$arrclushost=Get-cluster -Location datacenter01  # I have one datacenter(Datacenter01) in my vmware enviorement

for ($inta=0 ; $inta -le ($arrclushost.Count)-1  ; $inta ++)


    Add-Content d:\information\hostdetails.txt -Value $arrclushost[$inta].name

    $strhostdetails=Get-VMHost -Location $arrclushost[$inta].name | ft name,version,build |  Out-String

    Add-Content d:\information\hostdetails.txt -Value $strhostdetails


VMWare PowerCli copy all the standard switch port groups to the new host/s

In a most of the vmware infrastructure environment we are using stndard vswitches . the limitation is the standard vsiwtch is when we are doing any modification and when we are creating vswitches, we have to do it manually an individually. If we have multiple port groups its a very difficult this. To avoid this thing, we can use vmware distirbuted switch. but we need to purchase enterprise plus license. To simplify this process i have created small power-shell script. I will explain this script by using my example.

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