vRealize Orchestrator how to restart management agent of esx host

Login to the vRealize Orchestrator client


Select the workflow view> Expand library


There are some predefined workorders in these folders.Under SSH foder there is workorder to run SSH command Continue reading


Multiple vCenters-how to avoid duplicate MAC address of virtual machines

If we have multiple vCenters in virtualization environment , there would be a possibility of issuing same MAC address to different virtual machines from different vCenter servers.

How we can avoid this kind of issue?

When we are installing vCenters it will automatically generate instance id for vCenter.We can check th vCenter servers ID from web client.


If multiple vCenter servers use same Instance ID , there will be a possibility of having MAC duplication problem. In this case we can change one of vCneter servers Instance ID from web client.


Free Download: Cloud Management For Dummies

Free Download: Cloud Management For Dummies

Free Download: Cloud Management For Dummies

IT environments are shackled by complexity. This complexity, combined with operational bottlenecks and time-consuming manual processes, can require tedious, error-prone workflows and distract from more strategic projects. To keep up with the demands of the business, IT needs a modern data center with a unified platform for managing private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

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