Reclaim disk space on VMware thin disk

    In a vSphere based virtualization environment we can mainly use two disk types(Thick & Thin).I hope you all know the difference between these two.

    To optimize our shared/Direct attached storage we can use thin disk. But the problem is even we delete the data from os level . It will not reclaim automatically from the storage.

    To overcome this issue we have two options.

    1. Use third party tool(if it’s a Windows we can use sdelete) to zero-out the disk blocks and using vmkfstools we can shrink the disk
    2. Storage vMotion the virtual machine or VMDK to a datastore formatted with a different block size

    In this article we are going to showcase how to use sdelete & vmkfstools to this operation

    1.This vm we have two thin disks. We will use second disk for the our test case. Capacity of the disk is 3GB


    1. From the datastore we can see 80.47 GB free space

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