Disable/enable copy/paste for Virtual machine



  1. Login to the vcenter server
  2. Locate & poweroff virtual machine
  3. Click on “Summary”tap
  4. Click on “Edit settings”


  1. Click on “options”

  1. Select “General”& Click on “Configuration Parameters”


  1. Add below mentioned two parameters







Vcenter how to create a role which have only permission to do vmotion

With vcenter we can create and assign permission levels. This guide will describe how to create a role, which only can do the vmotion of virtual machine/s. We can gather required permission from vmware virtual machine administration guide.

  1. Open vcenter
  2. Go to the roles


  1. Right click and select “Add”

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Powercli find all the vms which are having more than one disks

Using below two power cli lines we can easily find out virtual machines on the vcenter, which are having more than one hard disks.we can use same command with different parameter for find the virtual machines with other multiple hardware devices(ex two nics)

Connect-VIServer vc2.mobilab.local
get-vm | Where-Object {$_.harddisks -like “*2*”}

VMware workstation how to simulate SSD

Vmware vsphere environment, there are some features we need to have SSD disks to enable those features.(Vsan, host cache, etc..). But in a test environment its very difficult to use ssd disks because its very costly thing and we are using some virtualization software like vmware workstation.

But in a vmware workstation we can simulate ssd disks with esx host. Below are the steps for that.

  1. This is the virtual machine(esx), which will used to simulate SSD


  1. I want to simulate this 100GB disk as a SSD



  1. We have to edit vmx files


  1. We have to add below highlighted key in the vmx files. We should use correct disk id


  1. Now I can see that 100 GB disk as SSD.

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