How to configure iscsi space on Server 2012

ISCSI server(ISCSI storage) we can use as kind of shared storage.When I’m doing the testing of clustering most of the time im using iscsi software.Earlier we could use thirdparty softwares like starwind.but now we can use windows 2012 server as our iscsi server.its working perfectly.Now well see how to configure iscsi server on our server 2012.

Open server manager and select add roels


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Hyper-v 3 vm resource metering

This is one of useful new feature in Hyper-v 3.Using hyper-v vm resource metering we can get average cpu usage, average physical memory usage and much more virtual machine metrics.We need to follow up two basic configuration for enable and measure the vm resources.


1 Enable vm resource metering on hyper-v host. if we have multiple vms we can get the help of get-vm cmdlet.Here im enabling resource monitoring for vm named “testdpm2012”


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Powershell 3 how to manage help files

Have you notice that when you’re running get-help cmdlet with power shell 3, very first time its asking you to update the help files from internet.But if youre having 20 servers, do we need to download help files for 20 servers?.No we can download the help files from internet and keep those in a file share.after that we can update all other servers from this source.



first we need to download the help using save-help command

Save-help –destinationpath \\localhost\help


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