how to use telnet command in vCenter appliance putty session

Telnet is the command which we can easily use to check the service status of the remote system.

Ex if we can telnet to vCenter server from our desktop using port 443, we can say that web services of the vCenter is up

But when we use vCenter shell or ESXi shell, we cannot use telnet command.


As an alternative option, we can use curl command. Please refer the below screen capture



curl -v telent://vcsa-01a:443


Server 2012 Powershell module for Hyper-V how to create multiple vms

Using this PowerShell script you can the below mentioned script for create multiple vms from PowerShell module which is coming with hyper-v.I have just create this script for learning purpose and at the movement its not checking current hardware availability of the server/you may can develop this script.(Add the hardware profile,change the path,check the system resource availability).Before running this script you have to set the execution policy(set-executionpolicy )


Import-Module hyper-v



$no=Read-Host “How many no of vms you want?”

$vmname=Read-Host “Enter the name for one vm,it will continu like thi (vm1,vm2)”

for($i=1;$i -le $no;$i++)


$vmnamefull=$vmname+$i -as [string]

new-vm -Name $vmnamefull