VMware V6-ESX Password Policy

With earlier version to manage password policies we have to edit /etc/pam.d/passwd file,

But with the vsphere 6 , once we open the file we can see below output.


Its saying we have to use esx host advanced configuration for that.

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vcenter 6.0 install & configure syslog server.

Vcenter 5 & 5.5 syslog server is separate component and we have to installed it separately but with vcenter 6. 0 syslogcollector service already installed and we can only customized.

How to costomize syslog server configuration.

  1. Opena syslog collector config file from notepad. This file is locate under “c:\programdata\vmware\vcenterserver\cfg\vmsyslogcollector”

Bydefault all the syslog will be installed under c:\programdata.

But as a best practice we can change this location to different drive or folder.


  1. In this exam I have changed it it c:\syslog folder.Also if we required we can change the ports and some other settings.

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Vsphere esx-configure scratch partition–V 6.0

Vmware esx we can install on a small sd card or usb drive. But when we wants to store *vm-support output we may need some more space. Scratch partition is the solution for this problem. We can assign static scratch partition per esx host.

Steps for that.

  1. In this example we have separate data store for scratch partition. Data store name is SC

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