Manage vSAN using Powercli

Powercli is a command line tool which based on Windows PowerShell. We can use it for automate our tasks. This article will show some of the valuable comnmads we can use to manage our vSAN infrastructure.

1. First will check what are the  available command in powercli relate to the vSAN


Get-command *vsan*


2. We can check the health of vSAN cluster




3. We can get the vSAN cluster configuration using below command



4. Using Get-VsanDiskGropu command we can get disk group details

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How to configure iSCSI on vSAN

iSCCI is one of the best option where we can use our vSAN datastore from outside. We an configure our vSAN enabled ESXi hosts as iSCSI target.This help us to configure guest level clustering also.

Login to vCenter

Select the cluster

Select Configure

Click on edit button which in line with vSAN iSCSI Target Server option under vSAN services configuration


Select vmk0 adapter from Default iSCSI net(Here I have selected my default management network)

I’m using default port(3260)

I’m not using authentication for this lab setup.

Also I have selected default vSAN policy

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