how to use telnet command in vCenter appliance putty session

Telnet is the command which we can easily use to check the service status of the remote system.

Ex if we can telnet to vCenter server from our desktop using port 443, we can say that web services of the vCenter is up

But when we use vCenter shell or ESXi shell, we cannot use telnet command.


As an alternative option, we can use curl command. Please refer the below screen capture



curl -v telent://vcsa-01a:443


how to manage vCetner appliance

.We can use the vCenter url using port 5480

Login to the vcenter using root credential


From this page we can check the overall health


We can enable/disable ssh using Access tab



From the network tab we can see the utlizaiton and we can change the network configuration


From the update tab we can check for vCenter appliance updates. If we have updated version DVD,ISO we can mount and check the updates


From Administration tab we can change administrator password. If we want to set password expire period we can use same tab


System Configuration tab we can use to configure syslog server. Using syslog server we can forward all the syslogs to one location


CPU and Memory tab shows us the utilization of memory & cpu


Using database tab we can see all the DB related events, alerts and tasks. Continue reading “how to manage vCetner appliance”