how to identify vmdk locked owner

When we are trying to power on/vMotion/sVmotion virtual machines sometimes we may get vmdk locked errors. This can be due to one of the following reason.

  • Backup software has locked the vmdk file/s
  • Error of snapshot
  • Because of host failure multiple host tried to start the vm

How to we can release this lock file.

First we need to identify which host has locked this vmdk file.


With the below example we can use vmkfstools -D command to identify the host


This will show us the host’s management network’s mac address

Then we need to check all the host and find the mac address. In a small environment it’s not a big thing. But if your environment is large, then we need to have some alternative solution.

Vmfsfilelockinfo will help us on this requirement. We can use this command with few parameters. Then it will give the ip address or host name of the esx host which has locked that vmdk file