How to configure SMB share on vSAN

1. First we need to enable file services on vSAN cluster

a. Login to the vCenter

b. Select the cluster

c. Click on Configure

d. Click on Services

e. Click on Enable  on File services


2. Click on Next


3. We need to provide below details

a. Name for file services

b. DNS servers IP Address

c. Domain name

d. Domain credential


then click on next

4. Enter the subnet mask which we are going to configure with our file services


5. Before we continue ,its easier to configure A records for our file services, in my example I have 4 nodes’ cluster and as a best practices I’m going to use 4 ip addresses with 4 dns records


6. We can enter first ip address click on Autofill. Also we can click on Lookup DNS and it will automatically add the records


Click on Next

7. Click on Finish


8. Now File services Agent vms will be deployed, for me it took 8-11 minutes


After the above process, we should be able to access the IP addresses of our File services

9. Now we can create SMB file sharesimage

Click on Add

9. Assign name for SMB share nad select the protocol

Click on Next


10. We can test our share using Windows Server or Desktop



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