Identify VMDK sharing

Some times we may need to find out whether VMDK files are shared with some other vms. Using below script we an easily find that. We just need to give the vm name & it  will check for all the vmdk paths in all the VMS


connect-viserver vcentername

$vmname=read-host -Prompt “Enter the VM Name”


if (get-vm $vmname -erroraction SilentlyContinue)


$vdisk=get-vm $vmname |Get-VMHardDiskDrive






foreach ($allvm in $allvms)


if ($ -ne $vmname)


$vmdiskpath=get-vm $allvm |get-harddisk

foreach($disk in $vdisk)


if ($vmdiskpath.filename -eq $disk.filename)


$msg=”There is a VMDKS sharing with ”



Write-Host $fullmsg -ForegroundColor DarkGreen









Write-Host “VM is not available in the vCenter, please check the vm name”



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