How to increase disk space of vCenter appliance

vCenter appliance is a vm and most of the time we are running it on the same ESXi cluster.

In some cases we may need to increase the disk capacity of some partition(most of the time its log file path).If our vCenter is running out of disk space, vCenter related services may not tart as expected. To resolve this issue we need to increase the free space capacity of the vCenter appliance.

How to do this

For this exercise we are working on vCenter 6.0

First of all we need to login to the vCenter appliance using putty and check the available space using df -h command.


From here we need to identify the disk no which we want to increase the capacity also.Then we can increase the correct disk’s capacity from virtual machine.

Once this process completed, we need to enable volume autogrow in the vm.

If we are running vCenter v6.0 we need to run below command


If we are running vCenter v6.0 U2 or later, we need to run below command

/usr/lib/applmgmt/support/scripts/ storage lvm autogrow


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