VMware Distributed Switch Traffic Filtering

    This is a very useful feature which is coming with VMware distributed switch. In this article I’m going to explain about traffic filtering.

    This is a port group wise feature of VMware distribute switch.

    I will explain this feature by using some examples.

    My requirement 1

    In my VMware environment there are some virtual machines which are using one port group.I need to disable file share access on these virtual machines.

    How I can achieve my target using VMware distributed switch

    1.First I need to enable traffic filtering on distribute switch.

    1. Login to the vcenter
    2. Select distribute switch from networking
    3. Select port group where I need to enable traffic filtering
    4. Select Policies
    5. Click on Edit


    1. Select Enable from Status drop down list


    8.Assign name for my rule .I gave Disable-Fileshare

    9.Select Drop from Action drop down list

    10.Im going to disable file share on both way.Once I implement this policy , users shouldn’t access file share on outside & from outside users may not access file shares on these servers.

    11.Click on + sign


    1. Select New IP qualifier


    13.Select Protocol as TCP,Select Source port is 443, Select destination port is 443,click on ök


    My requirement 2

    Assuming I have two management network and we have configured VMware VDP as my backup solution. But I want to restrict using backup on one of the management network.

    How to do this?

    1. I have to follow the same steps and this time I have to select New System Traffic Qualifier
    2. Click on + Sign


    1. Select Data Protection-Backup




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