Configure Windows NFS for vmware esxi

When we are using ESXI,we can use SAN/NAS as our shared storage. But to share ISO files/ ovf files, there is a easier way. Otherwise we have to upload and download mentioned files from the ESXI.

Windows 2008/2012 have native feature for configure NFS. We can follow below steps for the configuration.


1. Create a folder( We can give any name)


2. Go to the server manager. Add Windows Roles and features and select “Server for NFS” 





3. Right click on the created folder and select “NFS sharing”



4. We can assign required permission


5. Login to the esxi  server using vsphere client, Select Configuration, Select Storage



6. Click on “Add”, Select “Network File System”, Click on “Next”


7. Enter the server name and shared folder name, Assign a name for Data store


Now we can easily share files between our windows environment and esxi enviorement


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