How to recreating a missing virtual machine disk descriptor file

we need to recreate disk descriptor file when we missing that file or sometimes when we moved vm to the new location.In My case I got a this error.



I have logged using putty and I noticed that there is no vmdk file only the data file(flat) is available



What I can do now?

I have to recreate descriptor file now. To do this first I have to identify the disk details using vmx file. I can download this to my local pc and open it from text editor.


now I can identify the flat file size using ls –l command


Now I’m going to create new virtual disk file(temporary disk).vmkfstools can be use for this purpose


now we can remove the Temp-flat.vmdk using rm -i


Rename the Temp.vmdk to myvm.vmdk


now we have to edit descriptor file using vi text editor



now my vm is power up and hdd is there



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