Vsphere 6 Account Management


  • As a new feature now we can manage user account on local esxi hosts using esxcli commands.Also we can assign the permission using same command name space.


1. login to the esxi using putty


2. User management commands are coming under esxcli system account namespace


3.”esxcli system account list” command will list down all the available users in the esxi


4.”esxcli system account add –d=”Admin” -i=”Admin” –p=”asd@123” -c=”asd@123”

This command will add a user, named as “Admin” –d is the parameter for “Description” and –i is the user id.-p and –c are used to set the password and confirmation


5.esxcli systemm account set –I”Admin” –p=”abc@123” -c=”abc@123”

esxcli system account set command can be used to modify the user accounts in the esxi.parameters are same as add command.In this example im changing the password of user “Admin”



Now we have to assign the permissions to the newly created users

6. “esxcli system permission list”

This command will list down all the assigned permissions, at this movement our newly created user doesn’t have any assigned permission.


7. “esxcli system permission set”

This command will set the permission for the user/group.Here I have assigned read only permission for the my user(Admin)




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