VMWare ESX configure iSCSI multipath

  • Login to the vcenter server using vsphere client
  • clip_image001

  • Verify the network interfaces( we have 10 nics in my lab setup, im going to add vmnic2 and vmnic3 for iscsi adapters)


  • Select the esxi host> Select the configuration tab
  • clip_image003

    Click on “Add” > Click on “ok” on “Add Storage Adapter” dialog box


  • Click on “ok”
  • clip_image005

  • Select “Networking” section on “Configuration” tab > “Add networking”
  • clip_image006

  • Select “Vmkernel” and click on “Next”
  • clip_image007

  • Select the NICs which we are going to use
  • clip_image008

  • Assign a name for the network( I gave iSCSI-1)
  • clip_image009

  • Assign a IP Address for the network
  • clip_image010

  • Click on “Finish”
  • clip_image011

  • Go to the properties of the Standard Virtual Switch “VSwitch1”
  • clip_image012

  • Select the port group iSCSI-1 > Click on “Edit”
  • clip_image013

  • Go to the NIC Teaming page
  • clip_image014

  • Select “Override switch failover order”
  • clip_image015

  • Move down “VMNIC3” to unused adapters
  • clip_image016


  • Click on “Add” to add new port group
  • clip_image018

  • Assign Network Label “iSCSI-2”
  • clip_image019

  • Select “Vkernel” and click on “Next”
  • clip_image020

  • Assign a IP Address
  • clip_image021

  • Using same steps move down “NIC2” to unused adapters
  • clip_image022


  • Go to the “Storage Adapters” and go to the properties of the iSCSI adapter
  • clip_image024

  • Go to the “Network configuration” tab and add both iSCSI-1 iSCSI-2 port groups
  • clip_image025


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