When we are working with PowerShell its very easy to use this command let for get some work with the processes. Even we can easily stop multiple processes at a given time. But if we used task manager for that, we have to do that more than one time. I have given some example that how we can  work with get-process and stop-process.


Using this command we can get all the running processes on our desktop or a server(Its also possible to get running processes on remote computer using –computername parameter)


Get-process –name “vmware*”

Using get-process with the paramenter “name “ here i m getting all the process which are related to the VMware that we can easily find running processes on the computer/s.

get-process 2


Get-process | sort cpu –Decending

Using this command we can easily sort the running processes according to the processor utilization(Decending order).Same way we can sort this processes according to their process id and names.


.Get-process | sort cpu –Decneding | convertto-html | out-file d:\process.html

Using this command we can export the sorted cpu processes with utilization to html file.



Get-process –name “note*” | stop-process

Using this command I can stop all the processes which are starting with name “note”.



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