Restrict application using applocker in windows 7-Step by step

In a windows 7 you can restrict application/s for particular user using applocker.


1.Here user 1 can open windows calculator

1-user1 run cals

2.login using admin account and type gpedit.msc and press enter.

then go to the computer configuration>Windows settings>security settings>Application Control policy

Click on configure rule enforcement and select configured under executable rules>apply >ok


Righg click on executable rules>select create new rules

3-select new policy

Click on next


Click on deny>select the users those you want to restrict the application


Select the path and click on next(Here we can select either publisher,path or file hash).if we want to restrict all the adobe softwares we should select publisher rule


Browse and select calc.exe from windows>system32


Here you can add any exception rules(Ex-youre going to restrict all the application install on to the folder adobe,but you can exclude the folder c:\program files\adobe\photoshop from here)


once you finish this wizard you will prompt to enable default rules,select yes



Go to the services(Control panel>administrative tools>services)

Right click on the service “Application identity properties” and change the startup type to automatic and start the service


Go to the command prompt and run gpudpate /force  

now log off from the system and login from the user1.when the user trying to open calculator he will get this message.



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