Disk Management 3(create spanned volume,mirroring,diskpart tool

Extend/shrink partition using diskpart.exe

for extend the partition first we have to select the partition.


diskpart>extend size-=size we want to extend



Windows 7-2011-10-30-15-04-11

For shrink the partition

Diskpart>shrink desired=size we want to shrink in mbs

Windows 7-2011-10-30-15-10-00

Create spanned volumes.

spanned volume-to create spanned volume we should have at least two disks.

this lab we are using two 5 gb disks on this windwos 7 computer


Right click on the one disk and select spanned volume2

Click on next3

Select the required sizes from two disks(from first disk im getting the full space and from second disk im taking only the 2 gb.If we have we can add upto 32 disks


once finished the size configuration click on next5

Assign a drive letter and click on next67


Click on finish.Then it will prompt for message saying that all the disk required to convert to dynamic disks.click on yes


Now we can see the created spanned volume10

Create stripe volume from diskpart.exe

Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-43-43Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-43-59Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-47-37

Create mirror volume

For creating mirrored volume we need two disks.(All the steps are same as creating spanned volume)

Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-01Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-10Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-17Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-21Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-26Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-31Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-35Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-40Windows 7-2011-10-30-21-50-56


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