Disk Management-1

Now with windows 7 we can easily manage a disk drivers and external drives.

To perform a disk clean up,in a search box just type disk and it will give the Disk cleanup as a one of the result


Now you can open the disk cleanup from the list,

from the next windows we can select what are the files we can remove in the disk cleanup process(Termporery internet files,offline fiels and recycle bin files..etc………..

once you click ok itll start the disk cleanup.For select the option system cleanup you should have a admin rights of the pc.



same as disk clean up we can run the disk defragmentation also. Better thing is we can schedule a sidk defragmentation from the same wizard.


With windows 7 there is also have afacility to manage external devices from the group policy,in a domain enviorement you can this from the domain policy,but here we are doing it from local policy

Open the local policy using gpedit.msc


Open the computer configuration>Computer configuration>Administrative templates>systems>Removable storage access.


from here we can configure read write and execute access permission to the removable storages(DWD-RW,Flash drive)

here we have disabled cd dvd writer’s write access


denying execute process on the external device will prevent some  of the direct virus attack from the external storages.



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